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November 11, 2013
By essex17, Michigan City, Indiana
essex17, Michigan City, Indiana
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This Christian-Adaption takes place in a small, southern town in Indiana where nothing has really progressed in the last sixty years. In this town, racial slurs, violence, lack of justice, and even murder are still permitted. As long as the black man is still at the bottom of the social ladder. The reason this town is still unexploited is because it is has nothing there, but the most intelligent private schools in the nation, Hill Private School. With the exception of the seven percent of students that apply and actually make it in, no one else is there. Which meant that you have to have a very wealth family, and the best grades from middle school to get in. No one expected two other students that weren't Caucasian to actually make it in.

Achilles Brown, who was originally from Manchester has come to this school wanting to become ready to attend one of the best colleges in the world after he graduates. His intelligence is far above any other fifteen year old boy, and he want the entire world to know it.

Melody Lann has lived in this town her entire life, and after being treated brutally because of the color of her skin she only wants to get away from it so that she can live a normal life. Her mother, however, has plans for her to stay there and be the first Non-Caucasian to graduate from there. Join these two through the real and the seemingly unreal challenges that they face in life and in death. Heaven and Hell will have your heart pacing from page to page. Read as this dark reality mixes in with the supernatural forces that have been around us for all time.

Eli T.


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