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Everyone Has A Story

October 21, 2019
By HeatherAndHarper, Jefferson, Texas
HeatherAndHarper, Jefferson, Texas
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So many people in life live keeping their sorrows and hurts hidden inside, hardly ever do they even have someone who will listen. For Sarah, she had tried to share her hurt, but was wrong in choosing who. Now she sits in silence, longing for someone she can trust, but being too scared to try. Kira was too upset and angry to talk about what happened. Kera felt as if she couldn't tell anyone. Jackson didn't want to be called soft and weak for talking about his problems. All of them needed someone to talk too. Lily needed someone to call her friend, who would be there for her with things a brother couldn't provide. Hunter just wanted everything to be perfect. All of them had a past and something they wanted to get. They all had story. 


Everyone Has A Story

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