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There Are Ways

February 25, 2021
By Anonymous


The Majors of Roanin Academy: a group of ten teenagers who have the best voices and song-writing abilities in the country. When Christi’s older sister joins the school, everything changes. Kalene disappears into the world of stardom, her mother runs away after a nasty divorce, and her father starts working overtime to make up for the sadness of his wife. Christi is left alone with no one but her slowly changing boyfriend Eric to hold on to. Desperation for someone to be there for her causes Christi to change, and desperation makes her do things she never thought she would have done otherwise. After a tragic death that leaves her alone, Christi finally reaches the hardest year of her life. Even though she feels like she lost everything, she finds that who she really is may not be the person everyone saw coming. She finds that there are ways to start over. There are ways to be happy.


There Are Ways

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