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The Weak's End

October 25, 2011
By XxTristaTaelorxX, Ocracoke, North Carolina
XxTristaTaelorxX, Ocracoke, North Carolina
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Lucian is a loner. Trapped in a horrible place most "people" call "Earth." And more specifically, High School. In this plastic school of waxy smiles and fake laughter he is the only one who rebels agianst their order to appear happy and caught up in the image of "school spirit." He doesn't want to be like the others. And believes all of them are as fake as the smiles plastered on their faces.
Until one day he shares a simple glance, a single look of promises with a :human." One of them... known as, Kali. She seems sincere but... is it another game for her? And can the walls she so easily tore down be apart of why he opened up so easilly?
But no, there meeting was by chance and this world did't accept this, it banned one so extrovert as Lucian to be conneted in anyway to this "human" Kali... But shouldn't his walls have something to say?

Trista S.

The Weak's End

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