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Truth in Blood

April 27, 2012
By Courtney_Green BRONZE, Beverly, Massachusetts
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Courtney_Green BRONZE, Beverly, Massachusetts
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" You Only Live Once "

Author's note: wrote this one day in school while i was bored.

The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said
“You're under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law”
“What did I do? Let me go! I didn’t do anything wrong!”
“You're under arrest for the murder of Charles Richardson and Douglas Fortuna” the police officer gave Mary Williams, an employee of Country Fried Chicken a stern hard look and led her to his cruiser.
“You have the wrong person, I want to call my lawyer immediately” wailed the waitress who was fighting with the officer to get loose of his grip. He shoved her in the back of his cruiser and brought her to the station where she was placed in an interrogation room. Mary sat in the blank room and shook her leg fiercely, her shoe made a tapping noise off the concrete floor that echoed throughout the empty room. Sweat beaded off her forehead and dripped to her eyebrows, she appeared nervous and that was just what the detective wanted. He entered the room and sat across from her, they were only two feet apart, for the table was very small. He smacked a fat file down on the table and looked up at her with an inquisitive glare.
“Did you murder Charles Richardson and Douglas Fortuna?”
“No! I've never heard those names in my life and I would never murder someone”
“I don’t like lairs Mary, I am not here to hear your lies, that is a waste of my time, and I do not like wasting my time.”
“Listen to me, the only person whose time is getting wasted is mine, I didn’t do this so why am I tied to a god damn chair when I should be out making a livin' waiting tables at a dirty chicken joint so I can feed my babies and live in a house.”
The detective stood up, he paced the room a couple times then grabbed the file off the desk, he flipped through a couple of papers and grabbed a stack.
“Look at me, I said not to lie to me. Now I'm pissed off. Mary I know you were romantically involved with Douglas Fortuna, and I also know you were doing some sort of business with Charles Richardson. We are the FBI we figure out everything, so why lie? We have your phone records, with all the calls you have made to each of them, we have photos of you with them. So why are you lying to my face?”
Mary sat there her face was red and and her foot tapping had increased to a rapid pace. She was sweating more and tears were coming to her eyes.
“P-Ph-Photos?” she spit out with a stutter.
“Yes, photos. Douglas thought that you were cheating on him with Charles so he hired a private detective to follow you around and get pictures of you together and write down a list of the places you guys went together. That detective was one of my men. Mary we caught you. So why don’t you tell me what happened to these men, and lets try to get the truth this time okay?”

Mary and Detective Heath sat in the interrogation room for what seemed like hours. Mary was rattled, the detective had successfully gotten into Mary's head and she stopped answering questions until she had a lawyer present. The clock on the blank white walls ticked quietly but to Mary the sound was as loud as someone pounding at a door, she bit her finger nails, looked to the ground and made it her job not to look Detective Heath in the eyes. Suddenly a short, bald, fat man walked into the room and placed his suitcase on the table directly next to Mary. His checks were rosy red and his mustache was perfectly shaped around his lip. He sat down and opened up his briefcase with a odd look he pointed his head toward Detective Heath
“On what grounds do have to hold my client?” the silence was finally cut
“Ah, Mr. Collins. At the time we do not have any solid evidence that Mary has indeed murdered the two men but we intend to hold her with the hunch she committed the crime due to her relationship with both of the men and motive also presents its self here as well.”
“Well if we took this to court now, the judge and jury would both surely agree you have nothing that proves she did anything so you can not hold her here unless you have at least one thing of real evidence that points the finger at my client other than you hunch detective”
“We were hoping to hold her until we get back the DNA results”
“You should have took her in after you had the DNA results you have no ground to keep her here and quite frankly you had no right taking her here in the first place, if every New York detective walked around and arrested people by their hunch we would have a problem, so detective have a nice night, thank you for your time. Come on Mary.”
Mary waited and looked relieved as the detective came around the table and unlocked the hand cuffs. Her arms had deep red marks on them from the tightness of the handcuffs. Detective Heath gave her a serious glare and watched the two of them leave the room, he was furious. In the parking lot, outside of the station Mary's lawyer walked to his car in a hurry, then turned around to see if Mary was still around.
“You want a ride to your car, I heard he scooped you out of work and took you for a joy ride in the cruiser”
“If you would that would be awesome, I work on 24th at Country Fried Chicken, we can see if my cars still there or if its been towed already.”
Mary got in the car and Mr. Collins started driving towards the chicken joint, there was barely anyone on the road and since Mary had been in the station, darkness had taken over New York City. The brakes of the station wagon squealed as he pulled into the parking lot
“Dammit, my interior light is on! Im going to need a jump, the battery is probably drained.”
“Your door is open, lucky you didn’t get your car stolen, ill get the cables” Mary jumped out of the station wagon and walked over to her car, Mr. Collins popped the trunk and looked for the jumpers,
“Cant see nothing around here, city needs to fix the damn street lights” Collins murmured to himself. Suddenly he heard a ear shattering scream, loud and frightful.
“MARY! MARY! Everything okay? Mary where are you” Mr. Collins a chunky man started running toward the car where he saw mary standing looking into her car, her mouth ajar, and her skin white like the blood was drained from her leaving her blank and motionless. As Collins ran over to the pickup truck he saw a body dismantled in the back seat of the blue Ford, the cloth seats were blood stained.
“Thats my nanny, WHERE ARE MY BABIES! I need to go home, please call this in and report it, I don’t know were my children are, what if they have been kidnapped. Please, please!”
Collins looked up at mary, he had never been a father and didn’t know what it felt like but he knew what it was like to loose something. Collins was four years old when his father and mother were murdered in upstate New York, his heart hurt for her. He reached into his pocket and grabbed the keys that dangled off of a bottle opener.
“Here take my car, go to your house, and find your children, i'll call you later on, hurry go now”
Mary looked into Mr. Collins eyes,
“I am not a murderer, I didn’t do this to Patrice and I didn’t Murder Charles or Doug, I loved Doug, and for god sakes I would never do anything to hurt my children.” Mary turned and ran toward the station wagon, spun the tires in the parking lot and flew out like a rocket.

Mary drove the car at dangerous speeds not caring about who was around and what could happen to her in the case of an accident. Anticipating the worst possible scenario she already had her cell phone out calling 9-1-1.
“Why isn’t anyone picking up!” She screamed, tears were rolling down her face
“Hello this is 9-1-1, whats your emergency?”
“HELLO, hi, my name is Mary Williams and I am calling to report an amber alert on my two young children. Please help me!”
“Ok Mary, calm down can you please describe your children and explain what happened, how did they go missing?”
“Please, I found my nanny murdered in the back seat of my car, I know that sounds weird, but I didn’t have my car someone else must of put her there, but thats not the point” Mary was out of breath but proceeded talking at an irate speed
“I have a 10 year daughter named Gianna, and a 4 year old son named Cayden, Gianna is tall for her age about 4 and a half feet, and weights around 70 pounds. She has shoulder length brown hair and almond shaped brown eyes. Cayden has a brown and blond hair mix, with huge green eyes. On the left side of him face near his eyebrow he has a scar from our cat when he was a baby. Please help me” Mary was distraught, emotions were overtaking her, she pulled on a dirt road leaving a cloud of kicked up debris behind her, she arrived at her mobile home and dove out of the car. The 9-1-1 operator was still on the phone with her
“Hello Mary? Did you say that you found a dead body in your car? Hello Mary?”
The door to her house seemed to be a million miles away as she sprinted towards it, fumbling with her keys she got to the door and found it unlocked, she walked in and heard the noise of cartoons ring through the air. The 9-1-1 operator was still on the line as Mary held the phone down towards her hip not listening to the request of more information about Patrice's body she had found in the truck.
“GIANNA, CAYDEN? Are you home?” Mary’s heart began to flutter there was pure silence then from around the corner Gianna peered her head around.
“Stop yelling mom, I just put Cayden down. He was being real fussy and his cartoons didn’t even settle him down. I don’t know were Patrice went, she was here one minute then went outside for something and never came back. Why did you work so late?”
Seeming as if she had not listened to one word her daughter said, Mary grabbed Gianna and pulled her in tight for a hug.
“Im so glad your safe baby, I love you”
“I love you too mom, why are you acting weird? And who's on the phone?”
Mary looked down and completely forgot about the telephone conversation she was having with the 9-1-1 dispatcher. When she looked at the screen of her cell phone it said the call between the two of them had been disconnected, so mary shut the phone and told Gianna it was nobody.
“You need to get to bed honey, you have school in the morning and its nearly 10! come on down the hall and brush your teeth then ill tuck you in”
Just as the two of them reached Gianna's bedroom a loud thump on the door startled the both of them
“G, Go in your room and wait there, I don’t know who this is.”
Gianna turned and walked into her room leaving the door open a crack so she could spy on the commotion in the living room. Mary placed her ear against the door and murmurer a barely hearable
“Who is it?”
“Its detective Heath, I'm hear with one of my patrol men Greg Sanders and your Lawyer Mr. Collins. Open the door Mary, we need to talk.”
Mary listened to the order and opened the door letting the three men crowd into her already crowded home.
“Whats going on?” Mary looked at all three men confused
“First of all, where are the children? I was informed you called acting a wreak and claiming you needed an amber alert on the kids.”
“Oh no no no, I forgot to call back I found them. I thought they were gone because of what happened to Patrice, I just cant believe what happened to Patrice. She was such a beautiful young woman. Did Mr. Collins tell you about how we found her?”
Mary looked at Mr. Collins but for some reason Mr. Collins wouldn’t look back at Mary. His head was down and he was starring at the beige carpet through the space between his two dress shoes.
“We heard about Patrice, and we have our men looking into that, I'm sorry, I know she was close to the family. But we got the DNA results back from the skin we found underneath Charles' finger nails and the traces of blood on Douglas' clothes that was not his own. There was an 87% positive match to your DNA. Thats enough to take you in, I was even kind enough to bring your lawyer in case you refused to talk to me.”
Mary looked up and started crying historically,
“I swear to god I didn’t kill them, please listen to me! I loved Doug, I still love Doug and I wouldn’t kill him, and Charles is just my boss, I mean plenty of people want to kill him, trust me. But I wouldn’t kill someone I swear. What am I going to do with the children?”
“You had motive for both, Doug was beating on you a lot at home and you were afraid to try to get away, maybe one day he hit you the wrong way and you snapped, grabbed a knife and stabbed him”
Mary interrupted him
“NO, NO, NO, NO, I LOVED DOUG, he was a good man, he just had anger issues. I swear. We loved each other.”
The detective started in again.
“Charles, your boss also gave you a reason for motive. I know he was threatening to fire you and have the kids taken away if you didn’t do his illegal drug assignment with him.”
“Yes, then you killed him to secure your job and your children”
Detective Heath walked towards Mary and grabbed his handcuffs from his back belt pocket and grabbed Mary's wrists.
“Come on, Your under arrest.” Mary got up and and started backing into the corner of the room,
“I didn’t do anything, your wrong!” the detective disregarded everything that Mary was saying and put started to take her outside to the cruiser.
“What about my kids there here sleeping, what am I going to do? I have no babysitter!” Detective Heath stopped and stared at Mary he searched the room then said,
“Do you trust Mr. Collins to watch them until you can call someone at the station to go to the house?”
“Yes I suppose, but it will take my mother four hours to get down from upstate, is that okay with you Collins?”
Collins stood there and shook his head sternly and gave Mary a reassuring glance,
“Don’t worry Mary, Ill look after the children, and you will be free soon, if your telling the truth about the murders, maybe the DNA results were just a mistake.”
Detective Heath started to laugh and arrogantly said,
“A mistake, HAHA, we have top notch equipment, there are no mistakes. Don't you see, this woman is a lier. She lied to me in the beginning, and is lying to our faces now. Don't make yourself look stupid by believing her, the DNA result doesn’t lie, the only way she could be guilty is if someone very close to her with similar DNA committed the crime.”
“Your machine is trash, just like the god damn justice system. You will see, I'm not lying. What do I have to do to prove it to you.”
Detective Heath ignored Mary and escorted her outside and once again threw her in the back seat of his cruiser and sped off to the station in the dead of the night.

At the New York City county jail Mary was being held in an overnight cell until being sentenced to a hearing. The jail cell was damp and dimly lite, the only light shinning in was from a window that was only about a foot tall and half a foot wide. The cell smelt of sweat and wet clothes, and the mattress was growing mold spores on from the dampness. Mary sat in the corner of the cell and cried softly to her self, she put her head on her knees and fell asleep curled up in the dark corner where she could not be seen. Back at the house Mr. Collins stood pacing the living room, he believed Mary but Detective Heath had gotten into his head
“What if she is lying?” he murmurer “She seemed so sincere, she looked me in the eyes and said I did not do this, I think I believe her”
by this time Gianna had fallen asleep after hiding in her bed under the covers while her mother got arrested before her eyes. Suddenly Collins heard a loud noise from the living room that sounded as if it came from Cayden's bedroom.
“Hello?” Collins said as he walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. There was another faint noise, Collins opened the bedroom door and found Cayden at a little table with a bucket of crayons drawing.
“Hey buddy, I'm your mommy's friend. I'm just looking after you because mommy had to go somewhere but she will be right back”
Cayden stared up at Mr. Collins with his wide green eyes then said,
“Patrice get booboo”
Collins looked at him in shock, how did he know what happened to Patrice, where the children there when it happened.
“How do you know Patrice got a booboo Cayden?” Collins asked in a funny tone.
Cayden looked up at Collins and instead of answering he pointed behind Collins and said,
Collins turned around and saw Mary's daughter Gianna standing behind him with a bloody meat cleaver, Collins stumbled to his feet and tried to spit words out of his mouth,
“Gianna, what are you doing?” he asked, his heart was racing and he began to sweat.
“Uh oh, not again” Cayden murmured from underneath his small coloring table
Collins looked at Cayden then looked back at Gianna,
“You mean to say that you killed Patrice?”
Gianna stood still holding the bloody knife, her neck was crocked to the side and was starring at Collins with wide eyes that looked black.
“Yea, I murdered Patrice, and Doug, and Charles too, and now since you know it looks like you will have to go too.” Gianna started moving towards Collins with the knife drawn to her side,
“WAIT, WAIT ONE SECOND” Collins pleaded
“Theres no waiting, if you wait and think about it then it be much worse.” Gianna made a sly remark and again continued moving towards Collins in a slow, scary pace.
Collins began to ask why she had killed these people but before he could Gianna stuck the knife deep into his left side
“AHHH” Collins shrieked in pain.
Collins white dress shirt became blood soaked, he was stumbling on his feet but was able to grab ahold of Gianna's right arm, the knife was still sticking out of him side but he was afraid to touch it. Collins wrestled Gianna to the floor and struggled to get his cell phone out of him pocket, his blood lose was increasing and his hands were shaking violently. Finally Collins grabbed hold of his phone while he still had Gianna pinned to the floor, he called 9-1-1 and told them to send an ambulance and to call and send Detective Heath also. Minutes later paramedics burst through the door and asked Collins what had happened.
“This girl you need to hold her down, are there police here, she needs to be handcuffed. Shes the suspect to a triple homicide and she just tried adding me to the list.”
the paramedics grabbed Gianna and handcuffed her and sat her down on the living room chair. Moments later Detective Heath arrived, he bolted in the house completely confused and in awe.
He stopped one of the paramedics on his way out.
“Hey, What the hell is going on here? Are the children okay?”
the paramedic looked at him with a slight chuckle,
“I'm sorry I know this isn’t funny, but the kids are fine. In fact it was the little girl who did all this. But the mans in pretty bad shape in there so I have to go get another medical kit.”
the paramedic walked off and Detective Heath stood there puzzled, had he heard what he thought. Suddenly Gianna caught him out of the corner of his eye. Heath walked around the chair and looked down at the little girl handcuffed to the chair. She seemed emotionless and almost like she had a tiny smirk upon her face.
“Wheres Collins, and wheres Cayden” Detective asked in a serious tone.
“Cayden is probably still hiding under his crayon table and as for Collins hes laying on Cay's floor with a cleaver sticking out of his right side” her face was serious, Detective Heath felt as if he was starring evil in the eye. He walked down the hall to Cayden's room were he saw a small foot hanging out from the corner of the table. Heath pushed himself through the group of paramedics that were working on Collins and reached underneath the table and scooped up Cayden. The little boy was crying and snuggled himself on Detective Heath's shoulder.
“I want to go see your mommy?” Detective said in a soft, calming voice
Cayden started to cry and in a sobbing tone he spit out a tiny yes and nodded his head fiercely
“I want my mommy”
Detective heath walked out of Cayden's room and went into the living room where he saw one of him patrol men and tapped him on the shoulder so he could whisper something to him,
“Hey Chuck, you mind taking this girl over to the station and ill meet you there?”
“Yeah sure”
Chuck went over and told Gianna to stand up and escorted her outside to the cruiser. Detective Heath followed and took Cayden in a separate car to go see his mother. When Detective Heath and Cayden arrived at the jail house Heath grabbed Cayden out of the back seat, Cayden looked drained, It was around midnight and the little boys eyes had dark circles around them, his eyes were bloodshot and all he wanted was his mother. Heath took the boy into the jail house and left him in the waiting room and flipped the TV on, there wasn’t much for cartoons at midnight but Heath manged to find something. He told Cayden to wait there and that he was going to get her, Heath signaled another patrol officer to sit in the room with Cayden while he went to fetch Mary. As Heath made his way down the stairs he found the box that controlled the cell lights, he flipped them to on and with a loud buzzing noise the room lite up like the sun had suddenly rose.
“Mary?” he shouted
Mary stirred in the corner of the cell, her eyes were red and she was squinted from the sudden bright light
“Hello?” mary said in a faint voice
The detective walked over and opened up the cell, he stood in front of the cell and started to talk,
“This is going to be hard for you to hear, but there is good news. First of all Cayden is up stairs waiting for you with one of my guys, he really need you at a time like this so you need to be strong for him”
Mary looked her thoughts were clouded, she thought the detective was going to say something bad happened to Gianna but she was in from a surprise. The detective continued,
“Gianna is in the interrogation room upstairs waiting for me, she has admitted to the murders, I know this is going to be hard to swallow but I have to do my job. Mary shes wanted for a triple homicide and attempted murder on Mr. Collins.” Mary’s jaw dropped and she began to whimper and the detective continued,
“The DNA was an 87% positive match to yours so that means if it wasn’t you it had to be someone close to you like a sibling or a child. At first we didn’t look into that possibility because you have no siblings and your children are so young, but I guess anything is possible. I will talk more with you about this after I talk to her, you need to go upstairs and be with your boy.”
“My baby, what did she do, NO!” Mary burst into extreme crying, Heath walked over and grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug.
“Come on lets go get Cayden, be strong for him please”
The two walked together and Mary was reunited with her son, Heath said they can stay over night on the cot if they wanted, or get a ride home from one of his officers. After he pulled the cot out he went into the interrogation room to see Gianna and ask her why.

Detective Heath was not looking forward to what he was about to do, never in his career did he want to have to arrest a 10 year old for triple homicide and attempted murder. He opened up the door and was surprised to find Gianna sitting there with a smile on her face.
“Hello Giana, my name is Detective Heath and I'm here to talk to you about – “
she cut him off completely,
“I know why your here, so turn on your little tape recorder and make sure you catch all this, I murdered my step dad Doug Fortuna, I also murdered my moms boss Charles Richardson and my babysitter Patrice Belwig. Happy?”
Detective Heath look at the little girl in complete denial, how could such a sweet face have such a dark soul. He shook his head in disbelief and asked,
“Why did you do it Gianna, I don’t understand”
Gianna looked at him for a second, dead in the eyes. She didn’t seem scared at all, in fact she was intimidating Detective Heath. He moved uneasy in his seat and Gianna started in,
“I guess I'll start with my step dad, Doug. When I was about 7 years old my mom meet Doug and he started coming around a lot, then next thing I know he moved in with us. My mom didn’t know but I would always watch him beat on her and one day something snapped in me, so after Doug gave my mom a nice beat down before work I watched and clenched my teeth from the closet, I don’t like when my mommy is sad. After mom left for work I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the draw, while Doug was down in the basement woking with his tools I followed him down there and just let my anger out on all the years that I had watched him let his anger out on my mom, but we had a problem. There was a knock on the door and I was covered in blood, I made Cayden open the door and lead my moms boss Charles Richardson down to the basement where I also murdered him, I made Cayden help me and we cleaned up and hid the body’s in the woods behind the house. Of Course Cayden being a baby, when Patrice came over later that night Cayden had to open his mouth and tell Patrice just like Cayden told Mr. Collins too, little squirt is lucky I didn’t kill him too, anyways I knew I had to get rid of patrice so I took her car and drove to my moms work and dumped her in the backseat so the attention would be diverted away from us but it didn’t work. Im not sorry for what I did.”
Gianna stopped talking and just kept on staring at Detective Heath. Heath stood up and brought her out of the room and had one of his men take her to a Children's Psychiatric Hospital, and just like that case closed.
Mary and Cayden started a new life and both of them get weekly therapy, as for Gianna she still remains in a psychiatric hospital and always will for the remainder of her life.

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