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By Anonymous

   As money is drained from education, it seems to be going down the drain. The cuts in my school system have been tremendous and have affected the courses we can take. We no longer have shop, home economics, or music. Last year we did not have the opportunity to learn German or Italian. Most of the school systems in Massachusetts are now down to the bare bones.

Some towns have tried overrides, but most have failed. In our town, every single question was defeated. The closest vote was in support of the school system, but the other votes were defeated by 90%. The people in our state do not realize that by defeating these override questions (especially the money for schools), they are hurting themselves because if the school system is poor, no families with children will move to that town. If the school system is bad, then the property values will go down and some families might even move out and when they move, they may lose money on the sale of their homes.

Some kids are now applying to private school who wouldn't have thought of this before these cuts. If someone doesn't speak up for the schools soon, there will be nothing left to save. Since most adults don't listen to teenagers, adults have to be heard loud and clear.

Teachers teach the "future," but do not receive what they deserve. What they earn now is not enough for what they do. Teachers are always blamed for the problems in education, but never given credit when they are doing well. Granted some teachers are not good, but what field doesn't have a few "rotten apples"?

Education does not seem to be a priority in government budgets. Why can't more money be spent on education instead of taking money away? With all the money the lawmakers earn and raises they get, you would think we lived in a rich nation, not one with major financial troubles. n

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