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YouTube vs.The World

March 25, 2010
By RyanizPro BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
RyanizPro BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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The world’s most critically acclaimed widely used website is the virtual entertainment for is an online video hosting/sharing media website that displays everyday humor, entertainment and/or issues that we as a world face daily. YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who worked for an online ecommerce business called PayPal. These young men decided to benefit the virtual online world and gave birth of YouTube in November 2005 as Jawed upload the first YouTube video which shows him on a daily visit to the zoo. Currently YouTube is bought out by Google Inc. for 1.65 Billion dollars in Google Stock as they acquired the site on October 2006.Youtube has became multibillion dollar gross revenue earning entertainment service that fits into everyday lives of society.
Many people use YouTube daily as it becomes apart of their daily schedule. The site receives about 100 million views a day. The site updates to consumers needs as they interpret the interactive captions and ads that YouTube displays. The feedback that YouTube gets is generally positive as people are satisfied and pleased with many changes and updates that the YouTube staff tries to pursuit, in order to give us a safe and clean website for our viewing pleasure. Although YouTube requires you to be the minimum age of 18 to create an account, some content on the site is educational and age friendly such as shows and songs that many people create. YouTube quotes this as “No Hard Feelings” as it gives you the option to select that you are under the age of 18(Good Looking out YouTube).
Currently YouTube is banned in most schools due to explicit content that may cause disruption to the learning environment as it may be provocative, and/or cruel. Students may still try to reach this site as they use proxies and undetectable websites as a backdoor way inside. My stand on this is that YouTube is a good source for research and information and shouldn’t be blocked in schools. Even though School district Managers feel that the site may be to explicit, I think that besides the unimportant content, that it should be freely and strictly to use only for research and/or entertainment purposes. Also those who violate the rules and policies should have a banishment of website from school and other punishments depending on how severe the altercation is. Many students should be able to use the website with no or little compensation.
YouTube has diffused across the world as different countries have their own YouTube url’s such as for the country of the United Kingdom it would be, Each different site has YouTube suited for their country’s personality, such as its set to their countries language and views that may follow how their internet policies are stated. It is prohibited to view a video not from you country as a message will appear stating, “This video is not available in your country” which shows YouTube’s copyright restrictions and/or inappropriate content. This is the equality of YouTube as everyone is able to use this website.
All in all, YouTube has become massive, from just an ordinary video-sharing website, to something that connects the people of the world. Ordinary people who make videos YouTube are able to become celebrities overnight. An example is of a man who received 86 million views because he shows the evolution of dance. It is the most viewed video because people find that it is entertaining and really creative. YouTube has showed many people that you can become a star no matter what your Limitations are., “Broadcast Yourself”!

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