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Magnify Me

March 28, 2010
By White-pallet GOLD, Havelock, North Carolina
White-pallet GOLD, Havelock, North Carolina
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I can not help but to notice that as a society we happen to dictate how stars or starlets should behave. It is like we are the moral police, condeming anyone who dares to defy our mindset. Now I understand that judging a person may be innate behaviour but we take it to an extreme when it comes to those in the spotlight. A lot of the time we tend to forget that they are humans as well. They are bound to make mistakes cause they are human. Mistakes are the very thing that makes us grow.

Now I can not talk about this subject without mentioning a very well known starlet; Miley Cyrus. When it comes to her there are two very distinct sides; the side that can not bear the sight of her and the side that will defend her to the death. We all know of the somewhat 'racy' Vanity Fair pictures, where, oh my, her back was exposed. The pictures sent shockwaves throughout the world. For what reason? She is a Disney superstar. She's supposed to be be epitomy of good and is never allowed to do anything labeled as 'bad'. Now let's view the same situation but in a different light. If a normal sixteen year old girl, like myself, were to take a picture similar to that, no one would really honestly care all to much. No uproar for the plain teen girl. Yet when Miley did it, society questioned her morals and character. The whole situation was blown out of proportion. The same thing occured when pictures of her in bathing suits and very little garb were exposed. People credited her with being rather promiscouis and a bad role model. Go to a beach and there you will find scores of teen girls in bikinis and what have you. Yet do we place the title of 'bad role model' upon their youthful souls? Of course not. Society says that they are just teens living life but wait, did we forget Miley was a teen as well? We focus too much on what today's young stars are doing and forget that young stars are not only teens but humans as well.

Of course young stars aren't the only one's under society's watchful eye, stars that have been around for quite some time get the 'evil eye' from society as well. Let's take a look back a couple of years ago. I remember standing in my friend's living room watching the superbowl. It was half time and Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake were to perform. During their duet Justin reached over and pulled upon her costume causing it to rip off exposing part of her bare chest. Of course the clip only lasted a mere seconds but the 'damage' was done. People were angry at a wardobe malfuntion! She later pubicly apologized for said inncident. Why? Because society said 'No. That's not acceptable and we will not support you until you apolgize for something that was out of your control.' Why should she have to apologize for a wardobe mishap that she couldn't forsee? Has society as a whole not have problems with their dress? A strapless gown falling a little too low or the rather common zipper being undone. We judge to quickly and harshly on those in the limelight when the very same thing happens to us.

We tend to forget that the things stars do translate oh so very well into 'normal' poeple's lives. I mean who are we to condem a star just because they may have had a lapse of judement when we have had the very same laspe of judement. One little mistake and next thing you know a star is taboo. Society should turn the mirror on themselves and say to others, "Magnify me." Maybe we wouldn't be so brash and quick to crucify people just because they happen to be in the spotlight.

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My ramblings on how people today see celebrities and their mistakes. Inspired by life and fueled by Hersey Kisses.

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