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By kingofamerica SILVER
Kamuela, Hawaii

I don’t hate rap. Actually, as a genre of art (because music is art) rap has a lot of potential. The way the lyrics are stylized and rhymed make it very reminiscent of some sort of...
kingofamerica SILVER, Kamuela, Hawaii
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XxKathy1111xX SILVER, N/a, New York
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Favorite Quote:
follow me long enough and you'll end up on a field hockey field.

By Anonymous
By gudriter BRONZE
Billerica, Massachusetts
gudriter BRONZE, Billerica, Massachusetts
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Ashleigh909 GOLD, Buford, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"The night is the darkest just before the dawn."

Loveeyouu_x3 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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By marastir BRONZE
Harrison City, Pennsylvania
marastir BRONZE, Harrison City, Pennsylvania
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bbcourtstar SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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"We were given two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two ears to hear, and two eyes to see; but only one heart because the other one was given to someone for us to find." ~Unknown

By princeofsparx DIAMOND
Manhattan, New York
princeofsparx DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
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Those who reach for the stars should never forget the flowers that bloom at their feet.

Gilbert Salazar BRONZE, Gallatin, Tennessee
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