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Once Upon a Time...Happily Ever After...The End

December 22, 2010
By Babygirl809 SILVER, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Babygirl809 SILVER, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
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Growing up my parents told me that Fairy Tales could come true. I mean it wasn’t like they told I would become a princess and live in a castle. Just that I would meet my perfect match, get marry and live happy. Being young and naïve as I was I believed them, or at least until I grew up and learned the truth. Only a small minority get the fairy tale life we all dream of. The rest of us have to face reality. More and more, pregnancies and economic reasons have caused the beginning of marriages. Those marriages that do still start with love don’t last that long either. We have decided its better to settle for contentedness rather than risk searching for love and never getting married. The divorce rate in America is more than 50%. This basically means that one in two marriages will end in divorce. Many couples stay together because of kids or they just don’t want to be another statistic. The odds are against us but I think we can break the trend. Me, I plan on searching for love as long as it takes. I still believe in marriage. I still believe in love.

The author's comments:
Looking around in just my life and that of my friends I have seen marriages fall apart. I have seen what it does to the kids up close and personal. It hurts and it sucks.

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