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Kanye vs. Taylor...Who wins?

November 6, 2009
By Axlgurl BRONZE, Bucyrus, Ohio
Axlgurl BRONZE, Bucyrus, Ohio
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That's what she said!

In the little bit of time that I have known about "pop culture" and "what's hot", I've learned one major thing: Taylor Swift is the most stupid and least talented person I have ever seen. Why in the world would a rat like that be famous? Now, I have to admit that "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "You Belong With Me" are OK, but not great. I can't exactly say that I truly enjoy them, but she doesn't sound like trailer trash for once.
Maybe it's just the fact that I grew up listening to GN'R and AC/DC, but I also enjoy many rap and hip hop music, like Kanye West. And when he said that Beyonce' deserved that, I stood up, clapping. Taylor doesn't deserve anything in this world and she never will. Kanye has made something of himself and I applaud him for that. Taylor, on the other hand, is using the naive minds of preteens to get herself even more popular. Maybe if she had a more mature audience, I would like her better. Oh, and maybe if she could sing, I would like her. So, Taylor, grow up and tell your fans that, too!

Rock on!

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I hate Taylor Swift, and that's all I can really say about this.

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on Nov. 16 2011 at 8:21 pm
kaylarocks SILVER, AURORA, Colorado
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"The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek." - Author Unknown

Wow I love both singers alot and these are no the two i would pick favoritism over. But i respect that you entitle your opinion but you have gone way too far... I have no clue why you haven't been kicked off yet or maybe it's just mood swings!

on Jan. 3 2011 at 11:58 pm
poetryslam GOLD, Ware, Massachusetts
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~Sons of Sylvia~

let me start off by saying that you are entitled to your opinion. but when you start by calling someone "stupid" and "a rat", then you've gone WAY too far. have some respect for her at least. sure she doesn't have the best vocals of te century, but she has only been a country star for what 3 years? give her some time to get used to everything going on in her life. she just turned 21, and her third album just came out; plus paparazzi.

and Kanye had NO right to take that moment away from Taylor and of course she deserves things "in this world". just because you don't like her much doesn't mean you can be such a jerk!!!!


Nazzz said...
on Nov. 18 2009 at 2:33 pm
lol someone already wrote an article like this long time agoo. some ppl agree with u..im one of em. :) go here: