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TV in the Life of Modern American Families

November 18, 2009
By bradybloodshed BRONZE, Claremont, New Hampshire
bradybloodshed BRONZE, Claremont, New Hampshire
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The roll of television in the life of the everyday common American isn’t that great. To be honest it does more harm in our lives than good. TV is right up there with the internet in the slacker’s-tools-of-choice. It takes away from family time, and is basically only about sex, drugs, violence, and Hollywood. Television could soon become the enemy.

Almost every home in America has at least one TV in their home, if not one in every room. TV is a great way to slack off, kill some time, and put things off. And, it causes you to fall behind. How many times have you had time to kill before you had to do something? How many of those times did you just sit down and turn the tube on? …Probably more often than you would like to admit. And, how many of those times did you have something else that had to be done? Laundry, housework, homework? Eh, screw it: you don’t want to do homework now, put it off ‘til later. Don’t feel like doing those chores? Hey, just put them off ‘till later… you don’t want to miss the new episode of your favorite show, do you? This is why Americans are falling behind. Why do now when you can put off ‘til later?

Tell me, how many times in the last two weeks have you heard “More American troops died in the War on Terror” or something along those lines, while they flash images of war and fills the room with the sound of gunfire? Do you really want your family exposed to that? It’s terrifying! Do you want your children exposed to that kind of violence? I didn’t think so….

“Britney Spears looses it again!” Let’s face it, Britney isn’t the best role model for all the pre-teen girls out there. Do you really want your innocent little daughter to grow up thinking that shot-gun Vegas style weddings, drug rehab, and shaving your head is the cool thing to do? I would hope not. Celebrities these days don’t make the best role models, but the youth of America idolizes celebs like they’re gods. It’s because the media portrays them to be, well, almost saint-like.
The beginning to the opening song of Family Guy hits the nail right on the head, “it seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV”. It brings the war into your own home, and just rots your mind. Now, do you really need those nine-hundred channels?

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on Sep. 5 2013 at 2:36 pm
TheIdealist SILVER, New York City, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"We all die. The goal is not to last forever. It's to create something that does."

I really hate TV these days. The Family Guy theme songs is true, for I have 1,998 channels and there's still nothing to watch.

bige said...
on Dec. 1 2009 at 8:08 pm
obviously ud be letting kids think that the world is all smiles and sunshine they have to know theres war,that theres people like britney spears that just have problems and deal with them in a n extreme way.we r all different.and tv is good how would we know if the pres. is screwing up things if we r to busy tring to protect our kids from reality?