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Not the Mirror

November 22, 2010
By RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
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I dont get why people put themselves down. No one is ugly, or fat, or stupid. They have no faith in themselves. When did that start? When i was 8 or 9, my friends and I never talked about clothing or styles or what we looked like. Its because this self-hatred is a disease. it starts with one person. They look at themselves at a wrong angle or in bad lightin. Oh man, Im so ugly. They tell their friends, "Im ugly." Their friends usually percieve it in two ways. One, they think, I thought she was pretty, if she is ugly im revolting. two, they start to look badly at themselves in the mirror too.
when people call themselves a name, I know i should comfort them and tell them its not true. I usually end up getting mad. I want to yell at them. Because it is not true. I just dont get it. You have this body thats so wonderful and beautiful. But your brain gets messed up and you think it's ugly? And then what will complaining do? Will telling yourself about every negative detail result in confidence? or better yet, a good person? I know i am not ugly. But i also know i am not the Angelina Jolie of the 8th grade. But the girls who are, are so bad to themselves cant even look in the mirror and think of one single good thing. I usually dont randomly say im pretty, im not that conceited. And im not sure if it was the way i was brought up or the person i became, I just could never hate myself. Well people i have something to tell you. Shut up. Because you are not ugly or dumb. Maybe you should look in a better mirror or take an easier test, because maybe if you succeed your confidence will rise and that hatred will dimensih. Maybe if you stop listening to your friends, or your consious, that supid, fat, ugly, self hatred shell will crack. It doesnt matter what other people think. YOu can do what you want withour breaking all the rules.
Some people are very trusting. Some only trust a few. But the people you do trust are the only ones who have the right to judge you. they are the only people who may know why your so shy, or scared or lonely. But even then, those people you do trust wouldnt judge you, because they know your problems and wouldnt dare do more damamge. So if no one can and will not judge you, then why do you still care? why does it matter what other people think? Why are you still stressing over what you are wearing tomorrow. why would it matter if you skip down the hallway, scream and laugh like an idiot? And most importantly. why are still looking in that mirror waiting for something better, when you already got it?

The author's comments:
My friend is very self concious and cares to much what other people think. And i wrote this when i got a little pissed at that.

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