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I believe in belief

November 30, 2009
By erical BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
erical BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
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I believe in belief. I believe that if you have something to hold on to, love, power, family, God or even yourself, life will be just a little bit easier. I believe in a lot of things, I believe in being an honest person, I believe in helping an old man across the street, but most of all I believe in believing in something. Whenever I’m nervous for something my mom always tells me, “Don’t worry I believe in you.” What does that really mean? It means that no matter what happens, she’ll always be proud of me. Belief isn’t easy. Believing in something or someone takes so much love, and so much energy that many people give up on belief altogether. Believing in God is a good example, to believe in God means that you have enough hope that you are willing to put all of that hope and faith into something intangible.

“Belief is a beautiful armor, and makes for the heaviest sword, like punching under
water, you never can hit who you're trying for.” These lyrics, written by John Mayer, are pretty
obvious to how they relate to belief. Belief can be an armor. My whole life I have always asked
my great- grandmother what it was like to have to leave you house in the middle of the night and leave your country for a strange one. She told me she believed in a new life, and a happy one. She knew her parents were doing everything reason for a reason, and she believed in them. This was really my inspiration for this essay, after she passed away last year at the age of 109, we found her diary. She had so much belief in everything, not just herself, but everyone and everything around her. She gave me hope. Life will never be perfect, sometimes it may feel like a battle or a struggle but belief is really beautiful armor.

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