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For You

March 22, 2011
By nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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I’m writing this poem for Facebook –
to Post for Friends to view.
Each word is carefully chosen;
each word is meant for You.
Let me remain intentionally vague,
an attempt at a mystery.
Each line has a hidden meaning
revealed to only me.
I could speak of You so fondly –
You're the sunshine in my night.
Confess my love so openly,
but Your name is out of sight.
Then, I could take a twist
that You never saw coming.
I could admit the hurt
and why I started running.
I’ll curse Your name and very existence,
let my soul bleed out.
Write down every hidden truth,
but keep my readers in doubt.
Use pronouns such as he and him
that make You somewhat nervous.
You know it’s not about You,
but You helplessly wonder, “what if?”
I’ll press Publish, then wait and see
if You figure out the truth.
And once You think You’ve got it, just know
it was never even about You.

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