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My Best Friend

October 13, 2008
By jabp891 BRONZE, Hoonah, Alaska
jabp891 BRONZE, Hoonah, Alaska
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Life is short, so laugh often.

I trudge up my steps,
Emotion filled heart,
Why did this happen,
Was this only the start?

I know who to call,
To help with this mess.
Just talking it out,
Relieves some stress.

She is my best friend,
Just one of a few,
Probably the most important,
For our relationship grew.

I know she will help,
She always does.
Sometimes I’ll call her,
Just because.

I pick up my phone,
And take a big sigh,
I should do this quick,
Before I cry.

I open my phone,
I’ll try to act calm.
I dial, she answers,
And I ask, “Mom…?”

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