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I want to be...

January 12, 2009
By Sydney Lopez, Albuquerque, NM

It's to bad that
we will never know
what could of been.
Everyday, of the school week,
we sit next to each other.
You make me smile or laugh.
It's to bad
that we missed out
on what could've been.
I see you in class
or with her.
It makes me jealous.
I want to be
the one in your arms,
the whose fingers
are intertwined with yours
while holding hands.
I wanna be the one
you have to bend down
or lean down to kiss.
To bad, I will
never know what we
could've been.
I am different then your girl now.
That is what I thought you liked.
I want you to be the one who calls
me just to say goodnight and sleep tight.
The girl I wanna be is yours.
The one I want to be is yours forever.

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