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The Doubter

March 15, 2018
By WhiteNoise PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
WhiteNoise PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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I am rotten to the core
What even am I here for?
I am broken, in pieces
Anybody who looks sees it
Inside, I’m unsightly
The result of constant fighting
Fighting my demons
Those evil heathens
They pick at my bones
Left a corpse, all alone
Now I’m left to salvage what i can of my body
Its proving a challenge; guess I’m a zombie
Good or evil? Such a dilemma
Start or finish? Alpha and Omega
I feel the flesh hanging freely
I am the one everyone’s resenting
Hated for the truth I used to shout
I can’t now, though. My tongue’s been cut out
Blood pouring from my mouth
It covers the walls of this house
The demons look at me with contempt
That’s why I’m subject to such torment
I miss my days with my family
Help me. Total insanity
Now you may think this is all fictional
But you aren’t the one missing family time and victuals
I forsook the church
Undying thirst
Now I’m going insane
Paying the price for being profane
In this place, there is no rest and relaxation
Only pain and a lack of exultation
I am neutral, not servile to either side
Maybe that’s why I eternally died?
It’s a puzzle to me
So I’ll continue screaming
I’m stuck a corpse
So much remorse
Now we can scratch hell off the list
That’s it. I’m done. You get the gist
Like the good Lord once said,
“It is finished.”

The author's comments:

This poem looks at my life as if I were dead, so it is sort of a religious poem

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