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It doesn't stop

October 26, 2009
By wafflesmego1 PLATINUM, Gladstone, Missouri
wafflesmego1 PLATINUM, Gladstone, Missouri
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"Were gonna get through this together kiddo" - My grandpa

People come and people go
Sometimes its fast and others its slow
Some may be a face you pass on the street
And others the first people you meet
The ones who said they would always be there till the end
The ones you would always defend
Its the people you thought would always have your back
Then everything reverses and your the one under attack
You find yourself stuck with no one to turn to
And the only person who seems to care is you
You find yourself falling farther and farther apart
And all you have left is a badly broken heart
The past keeps repeating itself inside your head
You've cried so much your to tired to go to bed
So tired of the hurt and fed up with the pain
All these problems are driving me insane
I dont want to go and fake another smile
I dont want to have to cry for a while
My heart being destroyed was not my choice
And I can t speak loud enough for anyone to hear my voice
I tried to please them and make them proud
My best wasn't good enough, it just wasnt allowed
I cant follow my dreams that I am too scared to chase
I continue to wipe the tears that roll down my face
Its my feelings that I want to fight
And I can only pray to god everything will be alright
I cant get this out of my mind
Its causing distruction and my lifes in a bind
These tears continue to keep my eyes burning
But it doesnt matter because my problems wont stop the world from turning

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