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My Firefly (Golden)

December 18, 2009
By The_Word_Fairy SILVER, Somewhere, New Mexico
The_Word_Fairy SILVER, Somewhere, New Mexico
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I look up just in time
to see the sun shine
through the window

Your hand in your hair
Tight black T-shirt
And a look on your face
That could light up this whole world
My firefly.

Sunlight streams in
and I stare.
Suddenly you are aglow.
Your tanned skin is sunkissed
Your eyes have melted from Chocolate into caramel.
And finally your hair...
Illuminated butterscotch
streaks in the bullion brown

I swear,
I've never favored silver, copper, or gold,
but you make my eyes sparkle with greed
My firefly.

And I want to reach out and touch you, to make sure perfection is real.

I want to kiss you as If I too
were the sun. So I could make
you glow like firelight in the daylight.
My firefly.

The sun is hidden by a cloud, but
in my eyes you are still shining.

The author's comments:
Inspired by an amazing moment when the guy I'm crazy about was just glowing like gold in the sunlight and it was one of the most beautiful moments ever :)

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