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A Little Romance

June 3, 2010
By poeticjunkie93 GOLD, Chesterfield, Missouri
poeticjunkie93 GOLD, Chesterfield, Missouri
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A love so young and uncorrupted
Cut short, halted abruptly
By the fear of a new and unfamiliar form
Emerging from within
Taking over our small bodies

We were confused
Shy and pure of thought
Our love was all we knew
We did not recognize each others’ blossoming selves
Comfortable together, with strange feelings lingering within
We mirrored the angst of youth undefined, unrealized

Never in vain, our hearts grew entwined
Growing in the small pool of unawareness
We only knew love
And so it ends
As it began

Forever and eternally pure
Was the image of those two people
And somehow, somewhere they still live
As young as before
Beautiful and untarnished in each other’s eyes

And though we have in fact grown
Grown into those people we feared to become
Inevitably harming ourselves, tainting our hearts
We still gaze upon each other in our forever youthful presence
And end in eternally enduring innocence

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