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August 2, 2011
By newmercy BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
newmercy BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
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I befriended Ignorance today
He came with the newborn snowflakes
He showed me how they glittered
How they frolicked and stumbled from the sky
How they giggled and danced with the winter wind
Ignorance made them shine

I walked with Ignorance today
We spoke to baby blossoms
He showed me how they yawned
How they graced the blankets of earth with color
But Ignorance wouldn’t tell me
Where the snow had gone

I fled from Ignorance today
I met a barren tree
He moaned and crunched and cried crinkled leaves
He howled his sad story
Ignorance had never taught me
Leaves could fall so fast

I fought with Ignorance today
Rain tapped us as I ran away
The sleet pinched
Mud and twisted roots ensnared
I tumbled and dropped and learned to weep
Until a snowflake brushed my cheek

I called for Ignorance today
So we could watch the snow together
So he could show me how they glitter
How they frolic and stumble
How they giggle and dance
But Ignorance wasn’t there, and the snow did not shine

I lost Ignorance that day
Somber snowflakes rolled from the sky
They were old and smiled sadly
They kissed the ground and softened away
Ignorance had never let me see
They disappeared so beautifully

The author's comments:
I hope it speaks for itself, but I just wanted to paint a picture of growth and maturity.
I wanted to show that there is pain in the world, and that we should not be blind to it.
I also wanted to show that away from ignorance, we have the ability to see a new kind of beauty, a better beauty that ignorance could not show us, although it may be sad.

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