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Pretty Little Daughter

September 11, 2011
By xXToxicValentineXx BRONZE, Hewitt, Texas
xXToxicValentineXx BRONZE, Hewitt, Texas
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The walls are lined with blood
The ceiling is coated with wax
The floor covers the stars
He drags in his rusty old ax
Knowing what he did
He washes her blood down the sink
He grabs a bottle of whiskey
And then beging to drink
He sits down in his chair
And stares into his fire
He remembers the scene so well
His heart wrapped in his own barbed wire
The moon was high that night
Bright as a lightning bug in June
He watches his daughter play
Knowing her fate will be soon
He tells her "Come inside!
I have a game we can play!"
Little did she know
With her, he would lay
He led her to her room
She snuck inside the door
And with an evil laugh
He threw her on the floor
She cried "Daddy why?"
He just smiled and said
"Because I love my princess,
Now get on the bed!"
He grabbed her by her dress
White and made of silk
He ripped it right off of her
And filled her with his filth
Her screams were heard for hours
But no one lived for miles
Still I wonder why
Who could do this to their child?
Once he was finished
His daughter lay in bed
Wondering "Why did he do this?
Was it something I said?"
"Daddy, I don't like that game."
His daughter said allowed
She looked at him with teary eyes
And gave him a scowel
He smiled gentaly at her
"You'll never have to play again!"
His daughter smiled at him
Unaware of his sin
He grabbed his daughter
By her arm
Then drug her
Out past their barn
He told her he loved her
Then she cried
"You told me you loved me!
Daddy, you lied!"
He was sick of her mouth
So he threw her down
With a sickening thud
She hit the rock solid ground
He pulled out of his pocket
The knife that he held
He slit her mouth from ear to ear
I can't describe the pain she felt
She tried to scream
No sound came out
He nelt beside her
And gave her a pout
"I'm sorry, my dear
That it had to be this way
But it had to be this way
But I have wanted this
For so many days!"
She squirmed on the ground
Like an animal with no legs
The sight was just horrifying
When he kicked her in the head
He drug her around
Infront of the barn
He tired her arms up
With just some string and old yarn
The look in her eyes
Was sad as can be
But the meat on her bones
Was all he could see
He got his old ax
He lift it high above
The drugs he had taken
Had blinded his love
He brought down the ax
With such a force
He heard her bones crack
She was the main corse
He boiled her body
Fried her real deep
He ate her whole
But hung her head
By morning he had forgotten
What he had done
He opened the curtains
And was blinded by the sun
The house smelled of a rotten corpse
Death was in the air
When he noticed her hanging head
All he could do was stare
He burst into tears
He now knows
He raped and killed his pretty little daughter
The blood on his hands shows
Drugs did this to him
They had blackend his soul
His heart was as cold
As a piece of coal
I have tears in my eyes
I can barely see
His pretty little daughter
Dead, she was me
Remember my story
Sad, but true
Stay away from drugs
Or this could happen to you

The author's comments:
This didn't happen to me, no. Yes, it's a sick way to explain not to do drugs, but this poem just came to me.

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Wow descriptive and detaled. I wish i was this good.