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Window View (Broken Too)

April 16, 2012
By musicidraw PLATINUM, Manton, Michigan
musicidraw PLATINUM, Manton, Michigan
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Looking out the window
Voices clashing around me
Just another day
Just another ride

It was one of those moments
When you regret everything
Wish on everything
And hauntingly see everything

I can feel the tears coming
Seeing all I left behind
Heartache sinking in
Almost unable to move

Then I turn my eyes away
Breaking away from the view
That's when I realize
You look broken too.

The author's comments:
So I was on the bus coming back from choir. I had just woken up and my friends were in a conversation so I didn't jump in. I looked out the window, feeling sad for absolutely no reason. Then I looked over at him. This guy I used to like but I'm over. Last I knew he was sleeping but now he was looking out the window and looked depressed. Sort of . . . broken. Idk But all of a sudden I felt really sad. I mean I didn't like him I just felt like I was gonna cry though. And this poem popped into my head.

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