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July 22, 2012
By werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
" my heart is to small so please, dont break it "

when no one else ever cared
when breeze went through her hair
when sunlight didnt brighten her mornings
when inhaling midnight air

for when darkness seemed to overwhelm her
with deeply shadowed eyes
when no one would forgive her
for those she did despise

with no one left to turn to
for that long overdue embrace
with no more breaths to take
for this never ending race

with no one left to care for her
nobody by her side
nobody she could lean on
to cuddle up and hide

run run, to find your endless heaven,
for you will find your special one
your journey is complete for now
but your troubles have just begun...

The author's comments:
this was like a " on the spot " piece, something that was just written due to a specific situation and problem..... and for the love of god i cant remember what that problem was......

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