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In Case You Wanted to Tear Down Those Walls

October 9, 2012
By jeseer PLATINUM, Auburntown, Tennessee
jeseer PLATINUM, Auburntown, Tennessee
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"Truth without love is a killer, but love without truth is a liar. The Bible commands us to have both: It says to speak the truth in love."--Elliott Nesch
"To love another person is to see the face of God."--Victor Hugo

The mortar of pain—
I can see it hardening,
the damage already done.
It’s cold, it’s thick,
it’s there.
I’m sorry that it’s apparent,
that it blocks
a brother,
a friend,
a mother,
someone who cares.
It would be cold, standing alone
in a crowd.
It would help to know that someone was

I’d like you to know that someone isthere, here.
It, indeed, is so cold:
loneliness, selfishness.
Love, though, can certainly
warm you, disintegrate

So, in case you wanted to tear down those walls,
if you want
a brother,
a friend,
I’ll be here.

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