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Forgive Me

October 21, 2012
By nellie321 GOLD, Audubon, Iowa
nellie321 GOLD, Audubon, Iowa
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I put walls up in my heart
But you worked your way inside
The walls are back up
But from you i cant hide
You dug you claws in
A little more everyday
You dug your claws in
So I pushed you away
This pushing you
It left a hole
This hole in my heart
No one can console
You used to hold me
I thought you'd never let me go
You used to love me
So I let my heart show
I tore you out
Cause I thought it was best
But then you were out
And I couldn't rest
Now all I want
Is back in your arms
Where I'm safe from this pain
Safe from all harm
But I hurt you
I said you weren't right
I ripped you apart
With our fight
I am so sorry
I hope you can see
I hope you will
Forgive Me

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