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Piece of me

July 31, 2014
By AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
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You forced yourself on me, along with your touch.
I pleaded for you to stop, but you still wouldn’t get off.
I closed my eyes tightly, wishing I were somewhere else.
Wishing someone had been here to help.

But I was on my own, with you as company.
You were supposed to have been taking care of me.
I guess in your own way, you did...

As a child, I figured I must've done something wrong to deserve this.
I must have misbehaved.
Or have said a nasty swear word,
To have been punished this way.

Since then, time has passed
But I can still feel your cold lips,
And the rough touch of your hands
Why did you do this to me, throughout all those years?
I wanted to cry when it happened,
But you didn’t like tears.
So I held everything in,
While feeling so tainted inside.
I trusted you; I believed in you…
But I guess that didn’t cross your mind

So what did you do?
You took my childhood away,
My innocence, my sense of security,
Just to get a little piece of me.

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