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The Unknown that Creeps

November 15, 2014
By Saige.k SILVER, Weston, Connecticut
Saige.k SILVER, Weston, Connecticut
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The forest doomed
me upon my grand demise.
I looked for shelter
to shield myself from
the unspoken words.
To hide from the lies
said with truth,
but are only there to trick.
To loose myself
to the world's knife
that kills you with
a single stab.
And leaves you there
to hold yourself on the stick
over a cliff
that has no bottom.
So you fall, never knowing
if thy end is near or if thy start has begun.

The author's comments:

I was very inspired by the mini-series Over the Garden Wall.
Which I highly suggest, with its mystery and story-line of the unknown. I became instantly inspired. So I made this piece to show the hiding of people in history great people that left an impression on society. That feeing of the unknown creeping up on you. As you hide and run to where you may fall or climb back up to claim your right to live fully.

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