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I Am...

September 12, 2015
By SarahSylvan GOLD, Needham, Massachusetts
SarahSylvan GOLD, Needham, Massachusetts
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"Never Give Up"

I am a mountain with no trails
I am a phone with no charge
I am a squirming puppy who doesn’t know the meaning off sit or stay
I am the worried owner who’s dog always disappears
I am the vacant house whose occupants always have somewhere better to be
I am the book that no one wants to read

I am the school that no one shows up for
The school bus with no number
The teacher whose words hold no meaning
The one student who actually tries

I am the shirt that has been long since forgotten
The pair of pants with holes in all the wrong spots
I am the pigeon who lost their foot
The monument who people come to visit
I’m the plane who never left the ground
I’m the bicycle who lost its brakes

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on Oct. 13 2015 at 12:19 pm
JLAImBatMan555 GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
12 articles 0 photos 1 comment
For the line, I am a squirming puppy who doesn’t know the meaning off sit or stay, it should be of not off. Also very good poem, just at the end make it powerful, make it stand out, you left it off with a cliffhanger basically. When you say I'm the bicycle who lost its brakes, you should add something like: I'm the bicycle who lost its brakes, yet I make my own brakes, or say I'm me. It's your story you make of it what you wanna make of it. Just giving some Ideas, over all good one.