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February 29, 2016
By Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
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"Sing like no one's listening, Dance like no ones watching, Love like you've never been hurt."-Unknown

In this endless night, I feel nothing but bitter cold.
Threatening to suffocate my essence of thoughts.

I turn to the sky yearning to taste the stars,
The weight on me threatening to keep me here.
I depend on my strength to break the chains,
Of a past that is the source of my pain.

Spreading my wings which refuse to remain in the night,
The sun shines above, a constant beautiful sight.
Reaching for the light with all my might. 

A beating with an upright flight tasting the stars.
The wonder and awe of making it this far.
Carry me on and beyond the char of yesterday.

The author's comments:

Orginally a song converted into this format. I am proud of the outcome.  Image isn't mine, it took me a while, but I found a image that fits. 

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