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The Hallway Is Different To Me

March 27, 2018
By Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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The hall seems like a quiet barren place
But it such a bigger place to me
It is the hearse to my feelings
And my place to rehearse my fake smile before walking through the door
It’s where I decide if I leave it at the door or drag it behind me
Dragging it behind me always has its consequences
But leaving at the door does as well…
Leaving it,  buries it down deep where no one will hear it scream
It’s burning pleas wishing to be seen
A new me is made
When I turn the handle to the door
The key to my fake happiness slides in with very few problems
And turns on
But the battery on lasts so long
So when I reach the longing arms of my bed
I release all of the pain inside my head
This release you wouldn’t notice
For it is a quiet sobbing
One so quiet a pin could drop
And everyone around would hear it
The only one that feels my real feelings and pain
Is the indents in my bed and my tear stained pillow.

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