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The Prophecy Of Grey Hill

November 20, 2010
By Ellawind PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Ellawind PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die today.

Picture grass, tinted with a crayon of gray
darkening sky riding so close behind.
The clouds of nightfall’s dawn may seize the day-
sudden breath of cold startling the mind.

The great thunder god rises from his chair-
his throne drawn from gold electric power.
Although he may send many a nightmare
his small subjects shall no longer cower.

An unexpected youth will bring the dreams
of the people; she will lead the revolt.
The picture is no longer what it seems
history changed by no more than a colt.

Sometimes it is the least foreseen event
that creates the perfect final moment.

The author's comments:
We had to write a sonnet for my Lit class... Here it is...

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