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My Stay in Jamaica

May 16, 2022
By hkrog12 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
hkrog12 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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After your first look at the Hilton Head Rose Hall in Jamaica, the first thing that pops into mind is paradise. From your first step inside the grand foyer or walk around the boardwalk at the edge of the property, the resort is magnificent. However, being one of the cheapest high-end kid-friendly resorts on the island did have some drawbacks. 

If you are going to splurge on an all-inclusive resort, a number one priority is food quality. At Hilton Head Rose Hall, There is a buffet available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But  I was disappointed that only one of the 7 days they had pasta as an option here. There were Jamaican, Chinese, Mexican, and a few other culturally themed stands consistently available as well. In addition, while this hotel is marketed as kid-friendly on the outside, with the food options kids meals seemed to be an afterthought. The only consistent meal for kids was chicken nuggets and fries. 

When you travel to the Caribbean, you expect to have fresh ripe fruit. Here it was the complete opposite. The pineapple was so underripe I feared I would chip a tooth. The cantaloupe was chewy rather than moist. The mango and honeydew were decent, but still not as fresh as my local Pick’nSave. 

The hotel did have a few other restaurants available, my favorite being a barbeque one. It was strategically placed in the corner of the resort, overlooking the ocean and boardwalk. The aroma was very strong when you first walked in and smelled homey.  They had freshly grilled ribs, salmon, and other meat options along with many kinds of pasta, potatoes, and salads. Here was finally a restaurant experience I didn’t feel like I could get at home.

What was marketed towards families though were the pools. The first large infinity pool overlooks the ocean. The resort offered activities in this pool like water aerobics, which was very popular. Many more adults and those who wanted to lay out and tan relaxed around here. The second pool was carefully planned out. It is secluded by luxurious palm trees, greenery, and stony architecture. There is a swim-up bar for the adults with a long lazy river and many waterslides for the kids to enjoy. This enabled parents to keep an eye on their kids while still having their own fun. Staff members often had competitions and trivia set up for the kids to enjoy. This was the pool I spent most of my time in.  

The ocean itself was gorgeous. There was very little seaweed in this area of the coast and the water was crystal clear. The hotel did a very nice job keeping the beach clean. They raked it every morning to get rid of bits of seaweed and other debris that had washed onto shore from the previous night. While the ocean did not have shells, the sand at the bottom was very smooth and did not hurt your feet at all when you walked on it. They had dozens of beach chairs lying around for people to lounge in as well if they weren’t swimming. 

Though, During your stay, plan to take this whole vacation thing very seriously. The wifi only worked on a few lucky occasions, and effective communication was impossible on many occasions as a simple text message could not be sent. In general, however, the staff was extremely kind and professional. The bartenders were talkative and would often be singing, bringing a lighthearted atmosphere to all the pools and outdoors. Even the workers that checked us in were very accommodating when we wanted neighboring rooms with our cousins when initially we were told it wasn’t possible. 

Our ocean view room had 2 queen beds, and a balcony, and was very spacious. The room had a mini-fridge freshly stocked with drinks and snacks every morning, with many amenities available in the bathroom as well. When we returned to get ready for dinner, the beds were always made and the room was filled with new towels delicately rolled into the shapes of animals. 

In all, the Hilton Rose Head Hall was a great experience for my family and me. Despite a few of the drawbacks, I would highly recommend the Hilton Head Hose Hall to all families looking for a vacation in Jamaica. Overall, the hotel gave us a great experience of Jamaica, and we would definitely be happy to go back.

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