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Ever Lost!

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Ever Lost!

Neal Shusterman


Many characters go through struggles in Ever Lost, but the main character who sums up the book of Ever Lost Is “Allie!” In the beginning of the book Allie is in a really tough tragedy and it ends up being her worst and best thing ever. Because of Allie she ends up losing her family and it changes her attitude because she ends up learning how to respect people. Through the book Ever Lost there is a lot of sections in the book, but the main ones are the woods, because that’s where Allie and her brother Nick’s tragedy had happened. Second place is heaven, and the reason because of heaven is that’s where Nick and Allie are trying to figure out how to make there life better and easier. During the book Ever Lost to young teenagers named Nick and Allie lose the best thing of their lives, there “family!” But in the long run Nick and Allie end up in this unknown world that helps them become better people, but Nick and Allie end losing each other. Allie ends up having to be the one that has to go get her brother Nick back from this crazy and creepy thing called the “Haunter!” My book is more of a mystery book because you hardly ever know what is going to happen next.
A theme for my book is struggle, because Allie goes through problems with her family and she loses her brother and Allie doesn’t know what took him away. Allie has to try to struggle to get her brother Nick back at least because she already lost one thing her family. Allie also struggles with her attitude and it improves a lot on her as she discovers more and more about this unknown world. Because once “Allie taunted back,” touch me and the McGill will come to haunt you. Before Allie would say rude things to people and would try to hurt them. But now she is respectful and kind and Allie listens to everything Mary say’s to her. The best thing the author did was use great description, because if he didn’t use as much description not that much people would understand the point of the book and what the author is trying to get out of it. The only thing that the author did bad was that he didn’t describe where at in some certain moments the book was taking place.

The book Ever Lost would be suited for people who are going through rough times, and needs some advice on what to do. But they have to read the book to the end and make sure they understand it, because it gives you a thought in your head that says no matter what is holding you back you just got to keep fighting forward even though life can be a struggle sometimes. The reason why this book would be so good for people is because it gives you thoughts and examples on what to do when times are hard. On a scale from one through four the highest I would rate it a three because of how the book turns out.

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