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Uglies by Scott westerfeld

December 21, 2011
By AlwaysAlexis BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
AlwaysAlexis BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies. New York: Simon Pulse, 2005. 425 pages.
“In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly”. Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld is a New York bestseller. I believe that it is as even better than Twilight and Harry potter.  This is a must read book that should be on everyone’s reading list.
In this novel you follow the journey of Tally Youngblood, a fifteen year old girl just waiting for her sixteenth birthday so she can become "Pretty". This book takes place in Tally’s futuristic dystopian city in LA where Uglies and pretties are divided by a river. Outside her city is the wild, where the rusty ruins are. The rusty ruins are the leftovers of the world we live in today, no one really knows how /why the whole catastrophe happened, but they know it happened fast. Tally meets Shay in Uglyvile, Shay’s actions make it so Tally had to choose between getting shay and becoming Pretty, or not getting shay and stay ugly forever. The endings to this series are total cliff hangers, so you will probably end up reading all of the books.
I loved this whole book, the author did a very nice job describing things, and I thought I was in the book! There were many action scenes that made me tense up, romantic parts that made me smile and blush, and deep heartfelt parts that really made me think. This book is written in 3rd person omniscient that mostly follows Tally. The Book has three parts to it, each starts with a quote (“Is it not good to make society full of beautiful people?” The New York Times). The writing the author uses is very unique too, the items and things he had come up with plus the slang that is used in the story. I hope this book review influences you to read this book just like I have read it and loved. My favorite book by far.

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I just think this book is extremely good, and people should read it. Everyone will end up loving this book.

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