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The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

February 18, 2012
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Inheritance is a wonderful novel, and concludes one of the best series I have ever read, successfully. Many people are scared off by the daunting size of the books Paolini writes, however I encourage all young readers to take on the challenge, it is well worth it! What I loved most about his series was the imaginary world that he created with it, and how well it all worked together. All people who have read fiction books know that some fake worlds are better than others, and Alagesia is the best one that has ever been created. Many times talk of dragons, elves, and dwarves can get quite weird and distasteful, however Paolini uses all of these things in his novels, creating new cultures for all of them, making this world very well rounded indeed. Also, his use of romance between Eragon and Arya is present, but it is not overwhelming, and won’t scare away the readers who absolutely despise romantic happenings. Out of the whole Inheritance series, I could not pick a favorite. All of them are equally well written, which is a rare thing with large series. I applaud Inheritance most of all because of how well it concludes this series, however it is in no way above the other novels in it’s series. Again, I would encourage all young readers who enjoy fantasy to read his novels. There is a certain reality to these books that is very enjoyable. I think the reason his novels feel so real is because he based his world of Alagesia on the wide landscapes of Montana, which I frequently visit. Even if you have never seen Montana before, Alagesia feels very real, since it is based off of something very real. So readers of all different tastes and reading levels, I encourage you to challenge yourselves and read the Inheritance series, for the simple reason that you will enjoy these novels like no others that you have read before.

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i love this series :)

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