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Fighting with My Family

July 7, 2019
By Anonymous

Fighting with My Family is a movie that revolves around a wrestling family that breathes, eats, and sleeps wrestling, because the sport is simply riddled in their blood. The movie revolves around the Nights, a family that lives in England and might be the biggest wrestling fans in the world. Because their parents found salvation in wrestling, due to how their lives weren't going so well previously, since their mom had previously been homeless and their father was an ex-con that went to prison for violence and robbing banks, Saraya and her brother Zak have been encouraged to wrestle since they were little. Due to how tight-knit their family is, Saraya and Zak were practically born to wrestle, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that their dream is to be on the roster of WWE. Although they constantly attempt to make it to tryouts for the WWE, their opportunity finally arises when they receive a call to try out for the WWE. Even though both Zak and Saraya discover that the coach there runs a fierce program that rejects most of the applicants, it still hurts both of them when only Saraya is picked and not Zak, who has been dreaming of this for his whole life. As much as Saraya doesn't want to do it without Zak, she discovers that she doesn't have much of a choice, and before she knows it, she earns a spot in the coveted training program in the United States but is forced to leave everything she knows in England behind.

While abandoning her loved ones and being forced to face this intense world alone, Saraya changes her name to Paige, which is what she goes by when she wrestles, but ends up realizing that she is so much different than all of the contestants. While she's dressed as a gothic girl with a lip ring and actual wrestling experience, all of the other women contestants seem to be either models or dancers, and even though she has the wrestling experience, at her first time in front of a live audience, they tear her apart, commenting on how she looks different. As Paige questions her decision to keep going further, she begins to discover that what makes her different from everyone else is a spark that can help transform her into a star. 

Fighting with My Family proves to be an inspirational story that is made even more special by the fact that it is based off a true story. The movie's message is that it's okay to be different and what makes people different is what also makes them special, so it's important to embrace uniqueness. Although this movie may be a wrestling movie, it doesn't just suit wrestling fans and actually manages to be a good fit for a wide variety of audiences, since it's theme is profoundly conveyed and teaches people who have seemingly unattainable goals that their goals are achievable. When this important theme is combined with the comedic and dramatic aspects of the movie, it becomes clear that this movie is a roller coaster that should be seen by just about anyone and everyone.

Fighting with My Family may be based off a true story, but the movie takes the truth and creates a story-driven plot with enough pace to create organic flow. The beginning of the movie brilliantly introduces audiences to the Night family, as well as how big of an impact wrestling has had on the family. It immediately becomes clear that wrestling is more than just a staged sport for this family, and this later helps to show why it is so important for Paige to wrestle for her family back home. The middle of the movie marvelously progresses the plot along and presents unexpected and challenging obstacles for Paige to try to overcome, and some of them are far more emotionally bearing than most would predict. Although parts of this portion of the movie are slightly sluggish, this part of the movie still proves to be jam-packed with character development to shape all of the characters. The enticing ending of the movie manages to be exhilarating and wraps up with the beginning of the story to show Paige's growth as both a person and as a wrestler. The theme of the movie is conjured with ease in this portion of the movie, and this heartwarming conclusion continues the pattern of the movie being capable of making audiences' feel an entire spectrum's worth of emotions. This adventure has the rare ability to make viewers cry and laugh, nearly simultaneously, and although the actual story of the movie is dramatic, it is still slightly surprising of how much comedy the movie is able to include, from guest appearances by famous wrestlers, such as Dwayne Johnson, to how humorous Paige's parents and family truly is. 

Fighting with My Family is a movie that is enjoyed by both viewers and critics alike nearly equally. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an outstanding 92%, which is just as impressive as it seems, and a whopping 91% of Google users liked the movie, solidifying the concept that this movie is a drama that sits well with most. 

Fighting with My Family is a wrestling movie at heart that elevates the concept of wrestling to the next level and why it is so important. Wrestling may be fixed, but it is by no means fake nor irrelevant, which is evidenced by how important wrestling is to the Night family. This movie will triumphantly surpass any and all expectants with its vibrance and delicate balance between comedy and drama. This is a must-see with a story that deserves to be seen. 

The author's comments:

"Even though this crazy wrestling world is a fictionalized world, The fans know a thousand percent if you’re not being real. Alright? That guy just now, that was The Rock. The Rock is me. Dwayne Johnson. Just with the volume turned way up, the treble adjusted, the bass. Same guy. So don’t worry about being the next me. Be the first you." - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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