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Gun Fighter

November 8, 2021
By PurpleSprite BRONZE, Sacramento, California
PurpleSprite BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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GunFighter came out on March 21st, 2014

In the gunfighter there is a voice that is narrating what is going on through the short film.

The setting takes place in a western saloon with people in it. The voice is manipulating people into killing each other by telling others their darkest secrets that can personally affect the other person and cause a stand off. After the voice told some more personal dark secrets there ended up being a stand off anyways. Soon after the voice tries to cause a shootout which it did at the end but before they started shooting the voice tried to lie and say the gun fighter was reaching for his holster and he wasn’t. Five minutes later the voice manipulated one of those brothers to end up shooting his gun and the moment he fired that gun sh*t went haywire and bullets went everywhere killing 99% of the people in the salon. That one person who lived through that was the itchy wh*re and the voice did say she was going to get mauled by wolves in a couple days after she felt relieved.

I would rate this Movie/ShortFilm a 10/10 because it was funny and some of the parts ended up making a storyline out of the events happening and I would recommend people to watch it. The Gunfighter tells a story adding up to the main events and making the film better than it was if it was not telling a story.

The three things I liked about the GunFighter was how the man walked in the salon and the voice described every little detail that happened in the film so you know what was going on and the voice also restated some of the their secrets in the film so you know what their secret was so you could better understand what it was.

 The second thing I liked about the film was how it told a story by adding up the events to make a timeline of what was happening during the short film. The film made sure we also got to know who the characters were and who they were while explaining plots and adding up scenes to complete a full story. 

The best part was the ending of the film because since they were trying to make a story out of the scenes that were happening they needed to end it and they did that perfectly at the end by saying the last person's future and ended it there. Finally the last and best part about the short film/movie was how it made the audience laugh and caught the attention of everyone by making a good film that attracted the person's eyes to watching it and liking it because of how it is set up and how the jokes in the movie were actually funny.

That is why I chose to do a review on this movie/short film and I would 100% recommend this movie to watch this short film/movie and to see if you would also agree with me on what I describe in my review about the GunFighter.

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Let me know how this review is because I finished it fast and Im not toatally sure if its a good review. 

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