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November 29, 2011
By InnerThoughts PLATINUM, Penndel, Pennsylvania
InnerThoughts PLATINUM, Penndel, Pennsylvania
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Just recently I have watched a Star Wars movie for the first time. Admittedly I am guilty of daydreaming through some of it but I still watched it.
Although I'm not a big fan, I will say that some parts were funny. My favorite characters have to be R2D2 and C3PO. They were the comic relief that I needed throughout.
The entire time watching the movie all I could think of was Eric from That 70's Show. Especially when I saw Princess Laya's hair, I just wanted to say, "Can I touch the buns?"
It was fun seeing all the phrases that people commonly say from the movie such as, "The force is strong in this one." And, "Use the force, Luke." Sorry to all Star War fans but I let out a few chuckles when I heard the lines spoken in the movie.
Overall it was an alright movie, but far from my favorite.

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