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By Anonymous

   "SmokeSignals" is a compelling drama about 22-year-old Native American Victor who,as a child, was deserted by his alcoholic father. When Victor hears about hisfather's death, he travels with his friend Thomas to Arizona to collect hisremains.

"Smoke Signals" does an excellent job portraying theprejudices Native Americans face and how people on reservations deal with life.The writers did well to insert comical scenes and phrases that make an otherwisedepressing topic more upbeat. Not only was the script well written, but the castfit their roles perfectly.

Although most of the movie is well planned, thedirector could have incorporated more scenes with Victor and his father todevelop this key father-son relationship that would justify Victor's emotionaloutbursts.

Despite that small oversight, the movie is extraordinarilywell done and could easily be considered one of the greatest motion pictures ofall times.

This movie is rated R.

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i love this so much!