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   "The Cell" is a prime example of how specialeffects can truly make a movie. The wonderful "eye candy" in this filminevitably rises above the plot and makes for some intense, gruesomeimages.

Jennifer Lopez stars as Catherine Deane, a child psychologisttrying to help a comatose boy. She communicates with him by experimentallytraveling into his mind. The story continues when a homicidal maniac also fallsinto a coma. His most recent kidnapping victim is missing, and possibly is dead.The FBI turns to Catherine, who journeys into the killer's mind to find a clue tothe victim's location before it's too late.

It's at this point that thefabulous special effects become gruesome. The fact that Catherine is travelinginto the mind of a deranged killer necessitates ghastly scenes, and awesomespecial effects make the images of blood and gore disgustinglyrealistic.

Lack of technical detail is a problem that plagues "TheCell." There is only vague information to support the mind travel theory,and it only takes a simple chemical injection and a special suit suspended fromthe ceiling to mind travel. I expected more of an explanation for such ascientific venture.

"The Cell" had some positive featuresbesides the special effects. Once inside a mind, Lopez, as well as the subject,could perform amazing feats. The costuming was also well done, elaborate,creative and constantly changing. The music is notably original, especially theorchestrations.

Overall, "The Cell" is a mediocre, butgroundbreaking, film. As many have noted, it's best described as a mixture of"The Matrix" and "Silence of the Lambs." I recommend"The Cell" to those looking for an original and entertaining movie, butwho also have strong stomachs and a taste for gore.

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i love this so much!

on Apr. 17 2012 at 2:35 pm
Supernova7 GOLD, Redford, Texas
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By Me:)

Great review:) I'm glad you analyzed both the good and bad aspects of the movie:) Please check out my work:)

trblue GOLD said...
on Jan. 31 2010 at 11:22 am
trblue GOLD, Richmond, Virginia
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ok the cell very twisted. it a ...... good i guess. and if you like lady gaga the clothing on here wickedly good. but the movie so bad i tryed to write a poem about it. the son a killer and he badly beaten by his father.