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Bin Weevils, Dead or Alive?

January 22, 2019
By Lariandrone788 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Lariandrone788 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Ever since i was a boy there was one game that i enjoyed more than the rest. I was a massive fan of less popular games such as Raze, Wizard 101 and Spongebob Tennis 2. (Look them up you won’t regret it.)But one game stood above the rest, Bin Weevils. Bin weevils was my favorite social game growing up. I could chat with so many other people and there was always somebody online, it was an all around awesome experience. Upon revisiting it for this review i found it instills memories of an almost forgotten time. The time of being a kid on the internet. And so i ask that you join me on this journey to discover why Binweevils is a good game.

Let’s take a look at how Binweevils is projected in modern society. It has received international support from primarily the U.K, in the form of youtubers. Popular figures such as George Memeulous (who is 5ft tall BTW) have  attempted to bring a revival to this game after it was dormant for years. He would play the game with fellow youtube SENSATION Joshy and they would put out a request for all of the Memeulous fanbase to join them on Bin Weevils. Thus flooding Bin Weevils player numbers presumably (by me) into the hundreds.

What did these new players find? In depth gameplay of course! They discovered the multitude of possibilities to be explored in the game Bin weevils. Some players may take a liking to the popular game two-ball well others may prefer to pit their Weevils against each other is a high octane racing tournament. Or perhaps, maybe they just wanna chat with the boys and I can tell you that that is one of the best game features. There are quite a bit of awesome experiences  that you can share with friends. The online possibilities are endless!

The solo aspect of Bin Weevils is another world altogether. You have the ability to create and customize your own home (or as the game calls it, a “Nest”) and to build a legacy of power in your own home. Character customization is a massive option as well, you can create any number of combinations that you may use to help improve the overall look of your Bin Weevil. With every color of the rainbow and some that are inbetween you can create a picture perfect image of individuality and originality. This customization option is something you can definitely be proud of.

In my and many other people's opinions the worst and most challenging aspect to grasp that this game has to offer would have to be the large amount of ridiculous micro-transactions. These can be sited by simply logging onto the game and getting offered 1month of Bin Tycoon for 5$ a month. Or 36$ for 12 months. Paying large amounts of money to a virtually dead game is absolutely a low blow by the game developers. Having the very few players still active in the game limited on content because their refusal to pay an outrageous fee is utterly disgusting.

Alas even through the trying times of a content drought many players today stand firm on their grasp of Bin Weevils, refusing to let it wither away. Some people would argue the case to simply just let it go, but i disagree strongly. Even game developers have admitted that Bin Weevils has no plans of closing in it’s future, some people would just assume that Binweevils going through a content drought like it is would just give up and fade away. But this is simply not the case, with the release of Weevil World, which is the supposed new add on to Bin Weevils the game may have a brighter future. Even though a major update has not been had in years and th playerbase is barely scraping the hundreds we can still safely say that Bin Weevils is not dead yet.

So what about the future of Bin Weevils? Well everyone can agree that it looks uncertain, various other reviews have called it a “ rotting game” or a “Dead Game walking”, as i’ve stated though I don’t believe the game to be completely dead. I believe there is a defiant chance of survival if the game has the possibility to more closely related itself to the already semi-poplar Weevil World. I believe that would be it’s only chance at a second life, but even that chance is fading faster and faster as the name Binweevils is forgotten. As much as i strive to save the game, it’s death is the most likely thing to come from it’s lack of players and sustainable content.

But until that end comes, I will continue to play this game regularly. It’s death will be quite the shock but i believe that all in all, the games multiplayer, single player and micro transactions create a very mixed feeling of a game. That gives you happy and sad moments all the same. It’s important to spread the word of a frankly unappreciated game that is on its last legs. The story of Bin Weevils is an interesting thing either way.

The author's comments:

This piece was written for my freshman english class, my only wish is to see it gain fame in some form or another.

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