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The Elder Scrolls V

April 24, 2015
By ReviewRiot SILVER, Fullerton, California
ReviewRiot SILVER, Fullerton, California
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The Elder Scrolls series is one of the most well known series of all time, in the gaming industry of course. The series has been around for many years. The one game from the series I'm focusing on is Skyrim.

Skyrim features beautiful scenery and a world full of beautiful creatures. This game is one of the best in the series.Skyrim takes place on a different planet (as far as I know) in a place called Tamriel. You don't play across the entire... Country I guess you could call it. You play in the province of Skyrim! Hence the name. The world of Skyrim is considered by certain people, "more beautiful than real life nature" I would agree even though there is a lot of beautiful nature in real life.

Skyrim is a bit unique in its style of game. You make choices but they don't affect the entire game. It affects what that person or community thinks of you and based on how they feel may make the game harder. But the first major choice you make is at the very beginning of the game.

A Stormcloak offers to help you and an Imperial soldier offers to help you. Which ever you choose will change the entire story.Since there are two armies fighting for Skyrim (that will be explained soon), you should get to know them before you play the game to help you choose your side. The Stormcloaks are Nords, the race of Skyrim.

Since they lived in Skyrim and were pushed out because the Imperial army wanted Skyrim. The Imperial army is trying to wipe out the Stormcloaks and keep the land for themselves. You must now decidwhether or not you want to help the Stormcloaks get their land back or help the Imperial Army.So, when you enter the land of Skyrim, what will you do? Where will you go? It's all waiting for you in Skyrim.



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