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the die have been cast

February 2, 2010
By maki:p GOLD, Rocklin, California
maki:p GOLD, Rocklin, California
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“What is this game I hear you speak of?” asked a random teenage guy off the street. Normally I would have noticed that he was cute, that he held himself high and proud. But not since the game began. I had been speaking of it with a friend who was also playing. No one was supposed to hear us talking.

“Nothing.” My friend replied calmly.

I looked down. That was a lie he had told. He had said it because he knew I could not. In this game, that’s considered a weakness. To me it’s a strength, that I will always speak the truth.

“I don’t think your friend believes that.” The random kid said. “What do you think? What is this game?”

“You do not wish to play.” I replied. That was the truth. No one ever wishes to play this game.

“I did not say I do. I wish to know what it is and why you two are trying to protect it.”

I looked at my friend for a fleeting second before I turned to the random boy off the street. “It is a game like no other. No one wants to play it, but those who do did not have a choice.”

“So why do they continue to play?”
“Once you have begun, you cannot stop.”

“What is this game?”

“This is the game of those whose die were cast. Those who had no say in the way the dice fell. This is how they change the roll.”

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