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Peace and Justice

October 28, 2019
By Rubberman BRONZE, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Rubberman BRONZE, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Peace and justice

 When I think of voting I think of the word vote. The word means freedom to choose what you want my future to be.  It also says what America is and how it was formed. From the beginning to now that word has been tossed and turned to who ever was saying it.  

It all started when a group of men decided this is enough we need independence.  That one though led to a revolution full of tea and blood. That showed me what only a couple of people can do.  To bring alive the thought of what my vote can be. To step up for what I believe. To do what is right in the way of justice.  But that wasn't enough for the group. Expanding was their mind set, to make life bigger than it seemed. That showed me that my vote can change the way many things can be, other than what it seems.

  Everyone has a dark history, no one is ever alone in the railroads.  To the north that is fighting for a better future for everyone, to the people in the south who see color too well. This shows me that a vote can change racism today.  A vote that can start a pattern to take down evil.

 Then crash, war has broken out in Europe with every side fighting every side.  People looking to american for guidance and what they got was more than guidance, they got the help they needed.  All because people's vote let people helping with food and supplies to the troops in Europe.

 But we lost, not on the battlefield but at home  At home we lot money, and lots of it. But did they stop american to come back from the cold ground.  We voted a man into office that led us out of poverty.

  Right after our feet got back up we face another war but this one is worse.  One man of pure evil, full of greed and power. But not even him and his total power could take control of america.  Because vote means freedom.

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