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The World of AP Students

November 30, 2010
By ZKhan BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ZKhan BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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In the world of school, the student body is divided into numerous divisions. From the students who perform every task in their ability to receive exceptional grades to the ones who could not care less about where the stand academically. A school is one of the few institutions where a person can find any type of personality. Although there are many categories of students that are capable of classification, categorizing advanced placement students, or AP students, is rather uncomplicated. AP students are scholars who are essentially concerned about their education. Some may not, but most of them do. They rank high on the ladder of academics; however, the way they reach their point of success differs in countless ways. Though AP students could stand as a category by itself, there are many divisions in this section alone. The types of AP students include: the goody-two-shoes, the procrastinators, the copiers, and the combination of all three.
The goody-two-shoes are, of course, the ones who get their work completed before the required time. These students spend hours working on homework and finishing assignments that may not be due for days, maybe even weeks. What is the point of that you ask? Good question. Their need to complete work way before it is necessary is incomprehensible. Well, you could say that they do this to avoid being forced to do everything at once. These students may even refrain from socializing just to accomplish achievements that do not really need to be accomplished. The plus side to being a goody-two-shoes, as one may say, is being tension free while everyone else is stressing out about their work not being finished on time. Though I have nothing against them, these students are usually the ones that sit there and say “Oh, I already finished that a week ago” while every person around them is fatigued by the amount of work he or she has to do in a minimal amount of time. These AP students are often recognized as the ‘overachievers’. When it comes to preparing for exams, the goody-two-shoes more often than not commence revising many days prior to the actual day of the assessment. Though they may be despised for being the responsible self that they are, the goody-two-shoes probably have to deal with the least amount of stress out of all of the students.
Adding to the list are the learners that most likely live the tensest life of the AP students, the procrastinators. Though it may seem unlikely, AP students are perhaps the most procrastinating students of them all. These scholars perform every activity they possibly can before finally deciding on commencing their school work. They may spend hours watching television, or listening to music, or maybe even doing nothing at all, before they find it necessary to accomplish goals they are required to meet. Procrastinators typically spend hours the day before an assignment is due performing tasks they could have easily accomplished without any complication if they had chosen to do them earlier. Some are even forced to stay awake late at night completing these assignments. Similarly, they revise for an exam the day before it takes place, probably just memorizing instead of apprehending the material. Being a procrastinator must cause a student to become extremely stressful, but, none the less, these learners choose to be this way anyways. Even though they may procrastinate, procrastinators finish all of their schoolwork just before time requires.
Then there are those that are obliged by nothing, the copiers. This sect of AP students is almost certainly the most loathed sect of them all. One may spend hours reading page after page of an extremely tedious history book, but all the copiers have to do is request a hard working student for his or her work. These scholars, if you can even call them that, do not perform any of the required tasks on their own. The day that an important assignment is due, the copiers just solicit a kind friend to hand over the work he or she spent hours doing so they may be able to duplicate hours of work in mere minutes. Their means of studying for an assessment comes from the amount of time they spend imitating others’ work. These students are not the responsible pupils that the world might believe them to be. Even though almost every single student despises handing over their hard work to an undeserving friend, they have no choice left but to bestow their work upon them. It is amazing to see that the copiers do not realize how much hatred is approaching them when they politely ask to imitate someone’s work. Despite all this, the friendship between the copiers and their hardworking friends remains unchanged by these pesky actions.
In addition to the list of AP students, are scholars like me: a blend of the goody-two-shoes, the procrastinators, and the copiers. These students may one day choose to be efficient and finish their assignments ahead of time and then one day choose to do nothing at all. This blend of students works hard, procrastinates, and copies whenever it may be required. Similar to the goody-two-shoes, the ‘blends’ might one day decide to execute all of their task prior to the due date and acquire no stress the day before. At the same time, they are most likely to be concluding a project that must be turned in the very next day. The blends could then also be held accountable for leaving a task they plan on imitating the coming day. Unlike the copiers, the blends understand their appeal to duplicate a fellow classmates work is not appreciated. As for studying for assessments, the blends balance their tasks carefully to establish a time for revising. The blends may possibly be the most common category of AP students at any given school.
When it comes to advanced placement students, people usually hold high expectations for these pupils, but these expectations may not always be met. One day or another, the students become forced to finish all of their work at the last minute and sometimes even copy the work they were unable to complete the night before. Most of these AP students have more than one AP class which means the workload rested on their shoulders is greater than anyone else’s. Teachers must realize that once in a while these students will make a mistake and forget to complete an assignment. The truth of the matter is: no matter how hard working these students are, they cannot always be the perfect students that the world anticipates them to be.

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M-star BRONZE said...
on Aug. 10 2011 at 12:57 am
M-star BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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This is beyond great! I can relate to this so well. I am an AP student in... everything. I had a friend who's name was Z. Khan and your writing style reminded me of his. He used to always say I was an overachiever. This reminded me a lot of him. Amazingly done!

riya said...
on Dec. 13 2010 at 10:17 am
good job reminds me of my skool days....!!! had a same kind  of divisions..!! :)

ZKhan BRONZE said...
on Dec. 11 2010 at 9:38 pm
ZKhan BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Thank you! :)

CgWillis GOLD said...
on Dec. 11 2010 at 9:18 pm
CgWillis GOLD, Racine, Wisconsin
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I love this! I was skimming through some of the newer academic works, and this title caught my eye.  I am an AP student, in all AP classes, and have definately noticed the groups that you discuss here!  While reading this, I laughed and listed my friends and fellow AP classmates in each of their categories.  Well done