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Animals Don’t Have to go to School, So Why Test on Them?

November 29, 2010
By Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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As you walk through Petsmart, and see all of the faces of only a few types of the precious animals on Earth, what do you think of? Do you think of how those animals should be adopted and out of those cages, or even how much you yourself would like to adopt them? Or do you think of your raspberry red Revlon lipstick, sitting in your cabinet? The answer for most people is that lipstick would have never crossed their minds, but maybe it should, maybe they should know the facts about the products that they use. Because for every cute puppy, bunny, gerbil, cat, or ferret you admire in a pet store or at the park, there is at least one other puppy, bunny, gerbil, cat, or ferret that is living its life in a cage and spending its time being tested on in captivity. Is it worth it, to steal away a life of love, freedom, and happiness to an animal, just so that your raspberry red Revlon lipstick is at its precisely perfect level of redness, and stickiness, and that its long lasting abilities are increased to a maximum capacity for a 24-hour never fade look? In my opinion the answer is no, animal testing is NEVER ok!
First of all, how many times have you looked at your animals and said that you love them to death, and that they are your best friend, that they will always have a warm, cozy home, with a bed and plenty of food and water? That they deserve a daily walk and a brushing, that you would do anything for them, because they are that special and precious to you? But my question is, if everyone doesn’t know about the testing that occurs on precious animals that have never had an opportunity to have this kind of love, and that have no one to love them and take care of them, because they spend their life making sure your nightly facial crème is fully moisturized, then wouldn’t most people feel differently about supporting this? They would look at the products they buy more and there would be an increase in those products with the label that read “this product has NOT been tested on animals,” and a decrease on products that fail to have this label. Wouldn’t they?
Second, can you imagine not living your life freely, and being held in captivity? For most this is just a question that they laugh at as they dump your essay into the garbage bin. But more people need to know what extreme condition these small innocent young minds and bodies are put through, they are put in small cages and held greedily in captivity, while treated poorly, sometimes even starved, and are in a way abused. They are the animals that test some or most of the products you use. They are put into all of these creams, contraptions, and oils. They can get rashes, side affects, disease, and any other horrible side affects that you hear of. These animals aren’t living the free lives that they should, and something should be done about it!
In fact, when an animal is abused the hearts of all that hear about it go out to that poor animal, but without all of the information, the hearts of most people don’t always go out to animals under testing, when the happiness of those animals should come first. The facts are that the over 1,438,553 animals are tested on each year in the U.S. Each year animals test shampoos and cancer drugs, lipsticks and lotions, the things we put into their bodies are nothing but experimental chemicals. These poor animals die every year, because of no fault of their own. They aren’t happy, and if about 1.5 million animals are tested on a year in the U.S. then think of how many in the world, these numbers are inexcusable, when every single one of these animals are put to harm on a daily basis, and the pain they are put through is sometimes unimaginable, it is hard to think of. How can animals that are put under these conditions be happy? I feel that they can’t be happy, and that animal testing deprives them of this wonderful, amazing feeling! So shed a tear for the millions of animals put into testing each year, because this isn’t right and it is time to end this nonsense.
Most importantly, some people are caught up in thinking that you should test on animals, and that they are less important than people. They think that animals should test their products so that if something goes wrong, at least we are safe. This is probably not such a good idea, because also we need to remember that every human and especially animals are different. If an animal does or doesn’t have a side affect that doesn’t mean the person using the product will or won’t, so to me it seems that animals are just poor, unnecessary middle men! They don’t deserve this, NO MATTER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES!
In the hope that we will be able to save more lives and more futures, I pray that you read this essay and begin thinking about the products you use, and who actually paid for them. I hope that you will look at and think of every bit of pain through which an animal has been put through for you to wear your raspberry red Revlon lipstick. The same lipstick that is at its precisely perfect level of redness, and stickiness, and that has the long lasting abilities needed for a 24-hour never fade look. Because our animals went through many tests and procedures to get it to that precisely perfect point! So do think of the animals, and do something for them, DON”T support or buy products that have been tested on animals!

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