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Senorita Psket

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

English is my first language and comes easily to me. Spanish, on the other hand, does not. Ever since fifth grade I have been enrolled in a Spanish class. Against my free will, my parents insist I take a foreign language no matter how much I would rather avoid it. I finally surrendered when I entered high school, knowing that it will help me get into college. However, that doesn’t dismiss my brain from refusing to comprehend Spanish.

After barely surviving Spanish II my freshman year, I was convinced it was downhill from there. Then I met Senorita Psket, a young, exuberant, and inspiring teacher who changed my outlook on Spanish.
On the first day of class, we got to know our classmates and talked about what the class entitled, in English. Instead of overwhelming the class with Spanish after a long absence over the summer, Senorita Psket spoke in English and explained the curriculum of the class in great detail. Senorita Psket explained that throughout the year we would be learning about the history and culture of the Spanish speaking language, and for once I was eager to begin the semester.

Instead of dreading going to Spanish every day, I looked forward to the class. Senorita Psket was fun and she connected with the class, which helped to loosen up the atmosphere and got everyone involved. She made the class work enjoyable and unforgettable. We played games and did a variety of group activities that helped me reconnect with the Spanish I had lost over the summer months.
Senorita Psket was always in an upbeat mood and that circulated throughout the room, she told jokes and stories that related to the subjects we were covering, which helped me understand more thoroughly.

My favorite aspect about Senorita Psket was her ability to explain things I didn’t fully understand. She would stoop to my level and looking through my perspective, answer my questions without hesitation. She would elaborate her thoughts in Spanish first, and translate after, which helped me comprehend the language to a fuller extent.
Overall, Senorita Psket is thoughtful and willing to put in tremendous amounts of extra effort in order to see her students succeed. In class, she assured us that if we ever needed extra help or had questions she would be available and eager to help.
Senorita Psket is intriguing and fun to be around. Her teaching skills are unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. Reaching out to her students and getting involved truly makes her amazing.
Spanish is no longer an invisible or impossible language to my brain or my vocabulary. Senorita Psket made Spanish possible. She is like a good book, interesting and impossible to stop reading, while at the same time providing valuable details that relate to the outside world. I consider Senorita Psket a teacher and a friend. Without her wisdom and advice, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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