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January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

`My coach Mr. Bastian is a young curly hair funny guy. He is my wrestling coach he taught me all kind of moves like the HALF-NELSON, and the BANANA -- SPLIT. I know that there funny names, but there awesome moves.

Mr. Bastian tells jokes about random stuff. It could be a dead silence in the class and he could crack a joke like nothin. He could be funny and all, but when it gets down too business, he is the most serious guy I ever met. One time his class was goofing off big time, and he yelled of the top of his lungs.

The whole entire class got back too business. Doin there push- ups and sit-ups, yada, yada, yada. So coach Bastian is the is the best coach, and future math teacher in the world.

PS: I’ll tell you a Mr. Bastian moment. One time he told me too cut weight for the
wrestling championship he would go to the YMCA sauna, and put on a snow jacket. 3 lairs of sweat pants, and 2 sweat shirts. Then he would grab a jump rope then of coarse jump rope. He would do that until he would hear that wet icky nasty sweat sitting in the sauna suit. Then when he is done he would take everything off besides his t-shirt and pants, and wrestle. That is why I nominate my coach Mr. Bastian.

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